1. To motivate and increase the interest of secondary school students (aged 15-18) to study technology

2. Raising awareness of the various production opportunities for women, as well as providing information on women who are already working in this field

3. Contribute to promoting entrepreneurial spirit among young students

4. To enable researchers and doctoral students to communicate with teachers and students of secondary schools


1. Establish a more partner European network of regional CPPS demonstrators to involve society and secondary school students.

2. Promote informal dialogue and lasting contacts between the manufacturing research community, industry and the scientific community.

4. Provide high school students with an opportunity to make contact with different working situations in the manufacturing sector and raise their awareness of their future careers in this area.

5. Carry out targeted information campaigns and networking events in the EIT RIS countries to promote the opportunities provided by EIT manufacturing (to facilitate industry involvement in training programs).

The duration of the project will be 12 months with a work plan consisting of 6 tasks that reflect and summarize the main objectives of the project.