The main goal of the ShapiNG II project is to continue and extend the work started in the ShapiNG I project. The overall objective is to continue to motivate
and raise the interest of young Europeans, with a special focus on females, for activities in the field of manufacturing. Manufacturing continues to be one of
the key high-tech sectors within the European Union and it is strategic to ensure the future of European integration, independence, prosperity, and
competitiveness in the global economy, as it is a catalyst for growth and skilled employment.

During the first year of the project, the ShapiNG I focused on high school students (ages 15-18). For ShapiNG II, the objective is fourfold:

1. Extend the number of schools visited

2. Extend activities to younger students

3. Extend the consortium partners

4. Start preparing training of the demonstrators and workshop activities for the high school teachers


  • Expand the multi-partner European network of Smart Manufacturing Demonstrators to engage society and Pupils.
  • Expand the shared materials (such as videos and presentations) used in school activities.
  • Empower researchers, PhD and MSc Students in manufacturing industry related fields to communicate with society, especially with school teachers and
  • Empower school teachers with the tools and information to be able to use the available materials created within the ShapiNG network in their classrooms.
  • Offer school students the opportunity to have contact with different real work situations in the manufacturing sector and raise their awareness for future
    career paths in the field.
  • Contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit among young students, as it plays a vital role in the labour market.
  • Offer seminars directed for girls with the goal of raising awareness for the multiple opportunities within the manufacturing field for women, as well as
    provide information of the women already working in the field.